The importance of taking short breaks in the workplace 


Who doesn’t enjoy taking breaks?  Going with their colleagues to discuss and take a break from their work?

Many employers consider breaks to be a waste of time as work accumulates and productivity decreases, which can be a loss of profit for the company. However, the benefits of breaks are often underestimated by managers. 

The break has become an important moment during a working day. Between a morning boost or a pleasure, we almost all have a reason to succumb to it.  All employees will tell you, it’s a moment that allows them to clear their heads and decompress. 

cosy break room in workplace at work

1. Spaces matter  


Spaces dedicated to breaks are more and more expanding. Today, some companies are setting up rest rooms dedicated to relaxation with comfortable furniture, games and even nap rooms in some companies. The break rooms are no longer considered as rooms for lazy people but as spaces of communion between employees. 

2. Benefits of breaks 

One might think that breaks are only disadvantages in terms of productivity. However, one of the main advantages of breaks is to exchange with people you don’t work with and to bring the different departments closer together. 

According to a study, breaks promote the efficiency of employees, their well-being at work and their creativity, and strengthen the social ties between colleagues. 

The break would also have a role to play in the transmission of skills and know-how, through the exchange of ideas and mutual aid between employees because the breaks represent a friendly, informal moment that creates a climate of trust. 

In a company, the break allows for a quick review of the work in progress and upcoming company events. Employees who wish to do so can share the progress of their current projects. The cohesion within the team is reinforced.

Taking a break is first and foremost a way to stop your mind, to take a step back before diving back into your work. It is to be in a less formal setting that allows for better relaxation. It allows them to discuss their hobbies and talk about anything and everything. 

friend laughing. Cohesion
Women enjoying a healthy snack

3. Regain strength 


It is important to take healthy breaks at work. Often break rooms are filled with unhealthy snacks and sodas. While they are tasty, they are also extremely addictive due to their high sugar concentration. However, this has an impact on the health and concentration of employees. Too much sugar may initially give a boost, but once the blood sugar level drops, the employee feels tired, which can lower productivity.

Contribute to a healthy environment for your employees by offering them healthy snacks to take during their break.  

The break is beneficial on different points: socialization, team spirit, productivity.

Our goal is to simplify the choice of snacks by offering healthy snacks with displays and boxes to be placed in your break rooms. No need to think about what to eat but rather focus on the relationships you have with other employees.

Make the break a privileged moment in your company.

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