How to help a teleworking employee?

In 2020, the use of teleworking has exploded. Most of the companies had to switch their employees from office to teleworking from home.

Companies and employees were not prepared. Today it has almost become the norm, but some mistakes are still being made.
Here are some tips to help your employees feel good while telecommuting.

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The real key to working remotely is organization.

Chats and collaborative work tools are essential to maintain a link with your team and to circulate information.

The first thing to do before telecommuting is to organize your workspace and tasks.It is important to set up a work environment and to keep the same hours. Telecommuting does not actually change the way you work in the office. However there is a major constraint to consider and if not managed properly, it can ruin telecommuting performance: separating your living space from your work space.

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The main key to making work work is communication. Employers have to be good listeners.

Ideally, you should have a weekly update on the progress of your employees’ projects.

As much as possible, it is advisable to create a time dedicated solely to the social aspect without talking about work so that your employee feels at ease and keep their trust in you. It is essential to keep a certain human warmth despite the distance. The employee must always feel at ease and feel that they are part of the team. This climate of trust will be beneficial for the company and for all the other employees.

You are free to talk about whatever you want during this time, whether it is a TV show you are both fans of, your personal lives…

You can also create remote coffee breaks so that everyone can feel part of the group.

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A telecommuting employee often has to juggle their work life with their personal life and all in the same setting. For many, It is difficult to separate these two aspects into two separate spaces.

It is important to thank those employees who were forced to telecommute in 2020-2021.

Therefore it is necessary to value their work. recognition goes through several aspects, it can be special attentions, moments of life, attentive listening. You can combine all this by offering them a gift box filled with good things to eat to share a break at a distance and show your consideration for the work they do.


We offer healthy snack boxes to give to your employees and we deliver them at home.  You can personalize the message you want to send them. 

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