How to deal with returning to work?

Nowadays, when we think about going back to work, we mostly think about going back to work in the office. It is not easy, you have to leave your home, meet other people, face transportation …
There are a few rules to make you feel at ease when you return to work.

To avoid a sudden return to work, it is important to be prepared. Telecommuting has changed many habits that we could have had in the office. It is necessary to proceed in stages to organize ourselves as much as possible. To do this, you have to raise all the necessary questions. How to get used to your colleagues again? Abandon the reflexes we had during the telework? Leave your home? What to do with these new habits? Will they be new standards?

It would be a mistake to force a return to normality, as it would be to believe that you can copy the telework operation identically.
A balance must be found between the teleworking from home and working physically in an office.
Those who adapt best will be those who accept that there may no longer be “normality”, in the stable sense of the term… And that the balance lies within them.

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Return after telecommuting


The recovery requires flexibility, agility, responsiveness and the ability to plan ahead.
It is necessary to evaluate the situation.
Forced telecommuting has revealed unsuspected skills in employees. (spirit of initiative, ability to manage stress, …) Coming back to the office allows them to establish an assessment of these new discovered competences. To identify the blocking points, the good surprises, the interesting ideas which emerged.The challenge is to recreate the favorable conditions and to adapt to the constraints in order to recreate what has been well achieved.
It is important to remember that even if a technique works in telework, it will certainly not work in the same way as it did in the past. However, the sorting out will not be done in a few days, it will take time to adapt the ways of working from telework to face-to-face work.


Each employee has developed their own way of working at home. It is necessary to dialogue with each employee to understand their new way of working. The manager must allow creativity, welcome new ideas and proposals.

You have to listen to their new needs. The employer can talk to his teams to know more about what the employees have learned, what they want to keep…
It is in the context of a dialogue that you will be able to get the best out of employees and that they will feel more comfortable when they return to work.

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Identifying troubled employees

The COVID crisis has taken its toll on employee morale, and returning to work can become a new source of anxiety. A telecommuting employee often has to juggle between their work life and their personal life and all in the same setting. For many, It was difficult to separate these two aspects into two separate spaces.
Therefore show your employees that you acknowledge the difficulties they faced. Give them a little extra attention when they return to work.

It is essential to show them small attentions towards their work and the issue they have overcome. Recognition is the key to help your employees moral and performances. 

Recognition goes through several aspects, it can be special attentions, moments of life, attentive listening. You can combine all this by offering them a gift box filled with good things to eat to share a break at a distance and show your consideration for the work they do.

Fika propose a gift box you can deliver at your employees home if you want to. The box is filled with healthy snacks it improves moral, makes work more enjoyable, and increase performance.

When everyone is mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, they’ll bring in their A-game to deliver tasking projects and grow the company. ¬†

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