Adopt and stick to a healthy diet

Often we make good resolutions to eat healthier but after a few days or a week (for the lucky ones) we give up. But why?

It’s a challenge and you have to prepare yourself mentally.

The reasons are different for each person. Some people want to improve their health and reduce the risk of disease. Others want a “healthy mind in a healthy body” and to work on their mental health. Yet others are looking for an energy boost, often to improve productivity and self-confidence.

Don’t be discouraged, it is possible

In this article, discover our advice to help you maintain and transform your new healthy habits into a long-term lifestyle.


healthy food in fridge

1. Define your goals

First of all, you have to ask yourself why you want to eat healthy from now on. Establish the reasons that are important to you, which will define your goals.
Keep your goals in mind by writing down this reason in a visible place such as the fridge door, the kitchen cupboards, a mirror, whatever. By allowing you to clearly visualize your goals you will be less tempted to succumb to temptation.
It is necessary to determine the reason why to take this step.
No matter what your goals are, it is important to be aware of the benefits of a healthy and varied diet.

2. maintain a balance

It is important to find a balance that allows you to integrate these good practices slowly into your daily life. You should not rush into a drastic change of diet overnight. Start by incorporating healthy elements into your diet little by little. Eating healthy is all about making the right food choices. Try to focus on fresh, natural and minimally processed foods.
It is not useful to deprive yourself of any deviation, it is even natural to do so to show your body that it is not in a state of deprivation. You are doing your morale good.
However, if you have a craving (which should be occasional), make sure you balance it out for the rest of the week to avoid undesirable effects on your health.

It may be difficult for you to find that balance between pleasure and restriction, and this will frustrate you, but have confidence in yourself and in time, you will achieve it.
Be gentle with yourself. If you force yourself to go on a diet, you are almost certain to fail because the change will be too big all at once.


3. It’s all about organization

You have to create a routine for yourself, which requires organization. One of the best ways to ensure success is to plan your meals in advance. That way you won’t be left without ideas. Fill your cupboards intelligently which will allow you to eat healthily every day.
Choose good quality foods because they are the basis of a healthy and balanced diet. Buy the most natural and least processed products possible.


4. Choose your snacks well

There is nothing wrong with snacking, but only do it when you are hungry and not when you are bored. However, be careful with your choice of snacks.
Choose the most natural and least processed products possible.
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