How do we select our products?

At Fika we focus on quality. Our team carefully selects each snack, each partner, to be able to offer you the best possible alternative in terms of snacking.

This selection is the most important part for us. We want to offer you the best for your body and mind. If you were wondering what our criteria are, this article will help you visualize our process.

team testing product healthy snack
person testing healthy snack product

Nutritional value / Caloric intake

We found that the many snacks available to employees are often too fat, too sweet and contain additives. We therefore looked for healthier alternatives while keeping the greedy part.

A good composition is essential to retain a product. For example, we ban snacks containing artificial flavors, sweeteners or aspartame. We favor proteins and fibers as well as an “acceptable” dose of carbohydrates necessary for energy. A balance is necessary to release energy for several hours and not feel a blood sugar spike that, of course, boosts you at once but fades away and becomes a crash.

Some ingredients can be considered fatty, however they contain fatty acids necessary for our body. This is the case of nuts, even though they may contain a lot of calories, they are beneficial to our body because they are rich in magnesium, vitamins E and B, as well as iron, calcium, minerals and trace elements. You can find them in the bars that we offer because the omega-3 that the walnut contains would be beneficial for the memory, the concentration and the speed of understanding.



The most common comment about healthy snacks is the lack of taste. For us, eating healthy does not mean eating without taste. That is why it is as important a criterion as the nutritional value. A persona validates all products on the level of taste. Only then the product will enter our range.


 Then, we care about the origin of our partners. We prefer Belgian or even border products. No need to travel thousands of kilometers to have lovely products !

The break is beneficial on different points: socialization, team spirit, productivity.

Our goal is to simplify the choice of snacks by offering healthy snacks with displays and boxes to be placed in your break rooms. No need to think about what to eat but rather focus on the relationships you have with other employees.

Make the break a privileged moment in your company.

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