being a business developper intern at fika -alexiane’s experience

FIKA has been able to grow thanks to the hard work of its team and especially of its interns.
This week Alexianne successfully completed his internship at FIKA. Such as Nadir, she give us a feedback of her experience.

Let’s look back at her adventure with us.


Who am I ? 

I was an intern as a business developer. I was welcomed with open arms at Fika and I also received a tasting box for my integration. The whole team made me feel comfortable from the beginning.

Everything I was interested in was combined in this internship, and the experience was rich. I was in charge of canvassing new customers, meetings, as well as looking for new partners. This diversity of tasks allowed me to improve my skills acquired in class.

Although my internship was in telecommuting, I felt part of a team always available, listening, we had a group to exchange easily, it is a real team, we support each other. It’s reassuring, and soothing to feel all this mutual aid, it allowed me to feel very quickly at ease, and it allows me not to have a pressure to work, the atmosphere is chill.


I will remember …

There are so many good things to remember about this experience. It allowed me to greatly improve the skills I had, the contact with prospects etc. I was able to acquire new skills and learn a lot more about the business.
I was able to acquire new skills that will be essential to my future projects, writing a press release, giving feedback on the marketing side, participating in meetings to see more about the development of the company.

It’s true that building a business takes time, but with the right tools and being surrounded by people with a good vibe in their work it can only work. 
I was lucky enough to have a really good team that motivated me by keeping my spirits up when I couldn’t see the outcome of a task, exchanging videos to better understand the client’s approach, etc. It really makes work fun, and when you’re there, you enjoy creating, building projects, etc.

Advice for new interns


I chose to work for this company because I was intrigued by it, I believed in the project and working with them was not only work but a pleasure. I didn’t feel a burden of work, and I really recommend to people who have the opportunity to do an internship at FIKA.
You will not be seen as an intern but as a full colleague with responsibilities and freedom of action.

The team is open to taking initiative, which makes it easy to come up with ideas.


I would say that developing a business takes time but when you have the right tools and the right people at your side everything is possible.

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