being a business developer intern at fika-nadir’s feedback

FIKA has been able to develop thanks to the hard work of its team and especially of its interns.

This week Nadir successfully completed his internship at FIKA. In an interview, they give us the feeling of their experience.

Let’s look back at his adventure with us.

Who am I? 

I was FIKA’s first intern, in the position of business developer. One thing that particularly attracted me was that FIKA wanted to improve the well-being of employees by offering them healthy snacks.

Everything I was interested in was combined in this internship, and the experience was rich.
I had several tasks mainly prospecting, being a young start up I was doing basic tasks to help like contacting customers.

I received a very warm welcome and quickly gained the trust of Florian (the founder), with whom I had a good relationship from the start, which allowed me to quickly feel at ease within the company and with Florian right from the start of the project. These assets allowed us to establish a climate of mutual support. Being a small company, there is a feeling of closeness with the other employees. I had the same position as Alexiane so we were able to help each other.
I had the great privilege to see the company being built and to participate in its launch. This is a great way to learn more about entrepreneurship.


intern working happy

I will remember

At the beginning, I had the opportunity to manage the deliveries. I was also able to participate in the creation of tasting boxes, which allowed me to have various tasks. It enabled me to develop skills such as  versatility. You are always busy in tasks that are not repeated so you do not get tired of the work. 

You are always stimulated by new things, whether it is new ideas to propose, new ways of proposing products, new products to introduce etc.

I will note that the creation of a company requires patience, investment and time, but also to have a creative spirit. The openness to the ideas of the people within the company is a major asset for the development of the latter, and initiatives are taken into consideration, which creates the desire to always give our remarks.
We invest ourselves in this company as if it were our own.

At FIKA, employees are not reduced to the simple status of employees. They are collaborators, regardless of their status.

Advice for new interns


I would recommend to future trainees to be motivated and determined. Have confidence in their work and their ability and to see the interest and the added value that they can bring thanks to their work, for the company for which they work, but also for the one for which they provide a service.

Having been present at the beginning of FIKA, I wish it to grow and to know the success it deserves.

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