Get ready for work! 


Going back to work after the summer vacations is sometimes difficult and often a little bit of depression can occur.
The purpose of a vacation is to rest both physically and mentally. An efficient vacation will allow you to be more motivated when you return to work.
A period of adjustment is necessary to change the habits that you may have acquired during the vacations.
The ideal is to set small goals at the beginning which will allow you to get back on track slowly and to start again on a positive note following the accomplishment of your tasks.

Healthy food next to a person working on a computer

Don’t  be overwhelmed by stress


Often the return to work is synonymous with rush, which contrasts with the relaxed spirit of the vacations. To get through it and not be overwhelmed by events, you have to sort out what is essential and start with these tasks. You have to prioritize what is urgent and important first. You can use a schedule to prioritize the tasks.

We advise you to make a to-do list for the first days and establish two or three things to do when you get home.
It’s best to take it easy on the first day. You don’t have to be 100% on the first day.
With a planner, you’ll see at a glance when you’re taking it easy, when you have a busy day and what you need to do to be in total control of your time.
Go through your emails and make a quick classification: Use a system of labels to indicate: on one side the urgent messages to be treated the same day, and on the other side what can wait. 


Set new professional goals

Challenging yourself on new professional projects can help you boost yourself and approach the new professional year differently.

If the professional side is important, do not neglect the personal side. A new physical activity could, for example, allow you to evacuate the stress of work. And help you find the right balance between the two.

Organize a breakfast for your employees

If your are a manager, organizing a breakfast will allow your employees to return to work slowly and in a pleasant atmosphere.
It can also be a time to answer their questions and perhaps set new goals.

Don’t forget to relax

The end of the vacations does not necessarily mean the end of the relaxation time. You can also relax during breaks at work.
Meet up with your colleagues and take breaks to talk about your vacation and remember the good memories.
Take advantage of these breaks to eat healthily and get back to good eating habits.
Fika offers healthy snacks boxes to gently resume healthy habits.

Back to work can be a positive time, if it is well prepared. It is especially the occasion for a new start.

 Relaxation is not just a vacation treat. Create your own moments of relaxation at work.

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