About us

Fika, a COVID-19 story…

The idea of Fika arose in Florian’s mind in 2020 during the first confinement in Belgium. The pace of our lifes were slowing down drastically. The telecommuting life started with a bit of curiosity. Increasingly, the distinction between personal and professional line got blurred. At the end of the day,  we ended up missing our daily office social life, chatting, interacting. We all realized how important corporate culture is to survive this new era.  Gradually, for many of us, habits changed for the better. Within weeks, Florian quitted his job to test the concept . Seeing the growing interest of many companies and people,  he asks, in a joking tone at first, Rudy to join him in this journey. Few months later, they officially lauched Fika as an actual start-up. 

All of this to say that, at Fika, we strongly believe things have to start  from the inside out and by having a healthier lifestyle at the office too. Today’s businesses increasingly offer their employees healthy meals or fruits but rarely healthy snacks alternatives. As if, employees do not deserve good and tasty food during breaks. Fika delivers organic, fun and healthy snacks to companies all over the country in order to positively impact employees health, well-being and productivity at office and home.

Florian – Founder 

Bio : Florian worked 5 years for multiple fast growing startups. There, he discovered that it’s a job outside your job description. You everyday get opportunities for learning and growing (both professionally and personally). He started his career as a sales representative but rapidly climbed the career ladder to managerial positions (notably Head of sales at Poppy Mobility). Throughout, his past experience Florian built solid knowledges in selling, marketing and growth strategy. Having an entrepreunarial mindset, Florian wants now to run his own company.  

Florian is mainly in charge of marketing, branding, sales and public relations at large.

Favorite quote : “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” P. Drucker

Rudy – Co-founder 

Bio : Rudy spent  almost the last 7 years in big both public and private companies (at least + 500 employees) improving business performance, processes and/or managing projects. Having learnt a lot from his multiple past experiences (especially as a consultant) and from people he met (or worked for), he felt confident  enough to start his business. When the opportunity arose, he immediatelty decided to take a career break in order to lauched Fika and positively impact (he hopes) the corporate society. 

Rudy is mainly in charge of managing operations, performance, logistics and product development.

Favorite quote : “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” V. Van Gogh