All about new ways of working

Whether you are a start-up, SME or large company, many are starting to incorporate many new and growing ways of working. Among these environments are coworking and open-space facilities, which are becoming more and more popular among the latter. Here are some examples of the new ways of working, from coworking to open spaces to the permanent provision of food and drink for employees and collaborators.

Coworking, a place for collaboration

Nowadays, many companies choose to offer open spaces to their employees. This is because, among other things, it encourages team members to collaborate with each other by using task-specific workstations to create an internal coworking space. By including communal cafes, breakout rooms and social spaces, you can also encourage interaction.

These environments foster the community, collaboration and interpersonal relationships that people seek. The days of closed and isolated offices seem to be over and most employees, especially since the pandemic, prefer to have daily contact and interaction with their colleagues. It is therefore essential to adapt to these new changes and to offer adequate and modern solutions.

Offer a dedicated and unique space to breathe

We all know how essential coffee breaks are for any employee. It allows for a deeper exchange with colleagues and it is during these times that creativity and the best ideas and strategies develop according to some studies. It is therefore essential to provide a separate space dedicated to break times in order to create a pleasant working environment that combines relaxation and social interaction. 

Also, did you know that the type of snacks consumed has a strong influence on the level of efficiency, fatigue, concentration and mood of your employees? Because many people tend to consume very sweet and industrial products throughout the day, many companies now offer a variety of healthy snacks in the relaxation area for their employees to consume throughout the day. Loose dried fruit, fruit, cereal bars and natural chocolate, drinks without added sugar or colouring, so many options available!

With Fika, access a whole range of delicious snacks and drinks in just a few clicks to offer your employees healthy products to consume from morning to night! A new way to create a good atmosphere during these breaks, to make people want to come and work face to face but also to encourage their efficiency.

We select local products, with natural raw materials, relatively low in sugar but above all delicious! To find out more about our products and options, visit our website now. Fika is also a way to adapt to new working conditions!

How to promote well-being at work?

Well-being at work has an important impact on how employees perceive their work and their colleagues, as well as on their performance and productivity. Beyond the physical environment, corporate culture and leadership are also important elements in creating a healthy work environment.

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The benefits of fostering a positive workplace

There are many benefits to cultivating a pleasant environment where employees feel valued and respected.

Did you know that, according to a Deloitte study, a strong corporate culture is crucial to a company's success, according to 94 % of managers and 88 % of employees?

A productive workplace is also :

Here are some tips to promote well-being at work:

Look at your current workplace

Your workplace environment has a significant impact on the relationships and morale of your employees, as we discussed in a previous article.

Collaborative spaces, for example, can reduce employee stress and encourage physical activity. Employees can choose their workplace according to their preference and project requirements through a combination of open plan, breakout areas and private rooms.

Different environments suit different people better. This is why most professionals advise offering a variety of options and giving employees the freedom to work where they feel they can produce the best results.

Safeguarding the mental health of employees

14.7 % of workers have mental health problems at work, according to the Mental Health Foundation. In addition, women who work full-time are twice as likely to experience mental health problems.

In addition, you should strive to foster an environment in which workers feel free to express their emotions to both their line managers and colleagues. Talking about mental health can make a big difference to how supported and satisfied people feel at work. Don't hide mental health problems.

Organise corporate events

Research by the Center for Talent Innovation shows that a collective spirit and sense of belonging can significantly boost a company's success by increasing productivity, motivation and commitment by up to 350 %.

Corporate events are a great opportunity for employees to get together and build strong relationships outside the meeting room.

At FikaWe offer healthy snacks and drinks to provide your employees with healthy, no-sugar-added and delicious food throughout the day or for special events (welcome and farewell parties, birthdays, etc.).

How to stay well hydrated at work and which drinks to choose?

Hydration at work is often overlooked as an essential part of staying fit, focused and efficient. Similarly, a tendency to consume sugary drinks and soft drinks can have the opposite effect, as well as other disruptive elements. That's why it's important to choose the right beverages for you or your employees to stay hydrated throughout the day, but most importantly in a healthy way.

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Why is it important to drink during labour?

As well as being important for your health, hydration is also important for your professional success. Dehydration affects your concentration, speed of thought and mood, which has a significant negative effect on your performance. Dehydration makes you drowsy, tired and angry, which slows you down and prevents your team from working effectively. Drinking enough water at work will keep you alert, engaged and positive in your work with others to achieve your goals.

The following symptoms indicate that you may be dehydrated:

Here are some tips on how to stay well hydrated throughout the day and how to choose the right drinks:

Avoid waiting until you are thirsty

In fact, the feeling of thirst indicates that you are already dehydrated. To avoid feeling thirsty, continue to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and eat fruit and vegetables with a high water content.

Consume beverages other than soft drinks and coffee regularly

You will not be able to stay hydrated with just one drink in the morning or at lunch. Keep a bottle or glass of water with you at all times and remember to keep drinking, especially in hot weather. You should consume two to three litres of water a day. Running out of ideas and fed up with sugary drinks all day long? Just a few clicks and Fika delivers delicious, healthy drinks with no added sugar!

Choose the right water or drink

Avoid flavoured waters with added sugar or flavourings. Sugar and other additives cause the body to become dehydrated. Try flavouring your water with a fruit infuser bottle if you really can't stand the taste of plain water. You can flavour your drink with any natural and organic flavour you like! Fika to offer you the best brands of drinksNo sweeteners, additives or added sugars. A great way to please your employees while consuming healthy and natural products.

Choose healthy, low-salt snacks

To help you get through the workday, choose a variety of fruits and vegetables that are high in electrolytes or water content. Electrolytes are abundant in bananas, sultanas, oats, granola or chocolate. High water content fruits and vegetables such as apples, pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, melon, cucumbers and celery are excellent snacks to keep you hydrated all day. For ideas on healthy snacksIt's on Fika !